Welcome To Active Feet Tours L.L.C.

The fundamental goal of Active Feet Tours from its inception in 2020 has been to deliver high-quality travel services to both business and leisure tourists. The agency proceeded to expand and diversify its activities in order to become one of the leading players in the travel business.

Active Feet Tours has developed to embrace numerous aspects of the business thanks to sound financial management, high customer satisfaction, and continuous progress. Both our outgoing and incoming units were perfected as a result of our expertise. 

Our staff members have extensive knowledge of the travel and tourism business.


Our main objective has always been to supply our valued customers with complete travel and tour services. All of our employees are highly qualified, experienced, and multilingual, making us one of the most reputable and dependable travel and tourism firm in the UAE.

dependable travel and tourism services

adopting worldwide best practices

As a firm consisting of sincere, honest, and well-trained professionals, we will actively contribute to society by providing dependable travel and tourism services to a convenient, safe, and better way of life for people in the United Arab Emirates, in collaboration with our beloved customers.

Our mission is to be a leader in the travel and tourism industry in the United Arab Emirates, adopting worldwide best practices and adhering to our fundamental principles.

Why Choose Us

We ensure that all the offers and packages we provide are fun-filled and soulful travel services all across the UAE, with only one focus: you.

We put a premium on you, on providing innovative and comprehensive services, on quality and devotion, on excellence and competence.

At Active Feet Tours, we are known for providing great service and providing unforgettable experiences.

We form bonds with you that last far beyond your stay here. Our attention to you does not end when your stay here is over; it continues.

We also keep our knowledge on hand so that you can enjoy the best times in Dubai. Our professional yet friendly approach will assist you in obtaining a package that is specifically personalised. These services will undoubtedly satisfy all of your requirements.